We were so impressed with the level of service delivered by our agent! We knew exactly where we stood during the bidding process, we knew exactly who was doing what, and we knew what to expect during the escrow and closing times.
— Buyers, San Diego

How To Sign up for the Lockbox room

  1. Get the link. Your Agent will email you a link for your Lockbox room.
  2. Go to your Lockbox Room. Click on the link to get into your room.
  3. Create your Lockbox account. Select Create Account on the form and enter your information.
  4. Confirm your account. Click "Confirm" in the Welcome email.
  5. The Room is yours!

How to Navigate Your Room

Your Lockbox Room is divided into several categories:

I. The Dashboard. This is a snapshot of your transaction: 

  1. Actions: the top part of the dashboard visually tracks where you are in the transaction process, what is needed from you to proceed, and what steps you will need to take.
  2. Shared Documents: this is a list of the documents you have shared with your agent or other parties. 
  3. Private Documents: this section contains all the documents you've uploaded to your Lockbox Room that have not yet been shared with anyone. For example, this could be a personal letter to the sellers that you are prepared to send to the sellers during the final rounds of negotiations. 

II. Messages. In addition to being sent to your inbox, all transaction-related messages will be stored in your secure Lockbox Inbox. 

III. Support. This tab provides you with transaction-related information and helpful tips regarding the Lockbox solution. This is the place where you can submit your questions regarding the software.

Fig 1. Below is a sample screenshot of your room