The three key reasons why I use Lockbox?
First, it allows me to keep everyone engaged. Second, it makes it simple for me to track what is happening at any moment. Finally, it just makes my life so much easier.
— Real Estate Agent, San Diego

How To Sign up for the Lockbox room

  1. Get the link. Your Broker will email you a link to your Lockbox room.
  2. Go to your Lockbox Room. Click on the link to get to the your room.
  3. Create Your Lockbox account. Select Create Account on the form and enter your information.
  4. Confirm your account. Click "Confirm" in the Welcome email.
  5. The Room is yours!

Prepare Your Room

Your Agent View of a Lockbox room is divided is several categories:

  1. Use your Brokerage template to set up your room. Once you log into your account, select your transaction type (Regular, Foreclosure, Short Sale) and your room will be pre-populated with the information provided by your brokerage, including Property Information and your Agent profile.
  2. Upload Your Information. In the Documents section, upload property-specific information. Your Lockbox Room supports many document types and upload methods (including direct upload, email, external link and internal import).
  3. Create the Action List for your prospective buyers. The Action List for the buyer will be pre-populated by your brokerage. You can add/delete the list of the documents you want. Once you are done, click "Notify Buyers" and select Buyers group on the popup window.
  4. Document Upload and Sharing. Click on the "upload" button next to the "Pre-approval Letter" and upload your letter. It will be automatically placed in your Private Documents. Click on "Share" symbol and select "Share with my Agent". Your agent will receive notification and access to your pre-approval letter. Every time someone accesses you shared documents, the system logs this information, allowing  you to monitor the transaction.