We use Lockbox to deliver the best possible service to our customers - it’s easy to use and makes it clear to everyone exactly what is happening now and what will happen next.

Also, Lockbox has allowed us to reduce paperwork to a minimum, giving us more time to deliver better service.
— Principal Broker, San Diego, CA

Key Benefits to Brokerages:

  1. Better Reputation via better customer service
  2. Business continuity due to reduced reliance on agents updates - our Broker Dashboard allows you to see the status of every active transaction at any point. 
  3. Business Performance Information. Track average transaction length across your agents, property types, and zip codes. Quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks.
  4. Easy on-boarding of agents.  Use of standardized transaction templates makes it easier to "hit the ground running" - even for the less experience agents. 
  5. Your Business, Your Way. Easily customize your template to fit your your business needs. 

Demo, Sign Up and Setup: 

  1. Request your Demo (we promise, we'll keep it short - we value your time!)
  2. Sign Up for your FREE Lockbox Brokerage account.  While we do ask you to leave your credit card on file, your card will not be charged during your 30 days evaluation period. Even after that, you can set up as many rooms as you like- you will be charged the flat rate of $10/room ONLY when the room is activated. 
  3. Add your team to your account - do it yourself or ask our customer service representative to assist you at no cost.
  4. Upload your logo and set up your Templates: Standard, Short Sale, Foreclosure- you name it. Lockbox is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow. It seamlessly integrates external applications (such as VeriSign) into its templates, allowing everything to be processed centrally.
  5. Let us train your team and you are on your way!